About Me

About Me

Jumping into the world of entrepreneurship in 2010 would prove a great challenge, but one that would awaken my creative spirit. With little knowledge of how to fix a bike, Nantucket Bike Tours was born. My biggest adventure to date had arrived. This business quickly became less about giving bike tours and more of a vehicle to teach leadership and emotional intelligence to emerging adults. Each year, two interns go through an intense boot camp of learning self awareness, small talk, and overall improving their emotional intelligence (EQ).

Four years later, I wanted to see if focusing on EQ to develop a culture could be successful in another venture. The Handlebar Cafe was born. I love coffee and coffee shops, so it seemed natural to apply the same principles I had focused on with the bike tours in a different area of the service industry.

Gratitude, vulnerability, accountability, and candor are keys to success in life and business. (see GVAC in Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone”)  I believe in the importance of people skills and leadership so much that I went back to my alma mater to give a speech titled “Please Please, Lower Your GPA”.

Whether you are looking someone in the eyes, connecting via social media, or talking to a large tour group, genuine concern for others will always lead to success. As one of my favorite presidents said (with the classic double negative), “You can accomplish anything in life if you don’t mind not getting the credit.”

BINI – Be Interested, Not Interesting

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