Say My Name Say My Name

Say My Name Say My Name

“Things that are important have names” – David Newberry

This week’s High5 covers a subject that I talk about and write about a lot.  Names.

At our coffee shop Handlebar Cafe, we do a tremendous job of using our customers names. For a first timer, we ask their name, write it on a cup, and say it again when the drink is ready. If its someone we already know, they hear their name 3-4 times when they are in the building (maybe more if other customers know them.).  And if its someone we really know well, a nickname organically is formed along with a nickname for their drink as well.

I cannot stress enough how important someone’s name is for not just connecting to our customers, but anywhere in life. We humans love our names. They separate us from everyone else.  When you know someone’s name they go from stranger to an individual.

If you need help on how to remember names, here’s what I do…write it down. This is what I use my Field Notes for. If that’s not your jam, then try a couple of these tricks

Found this in an article yesterday and it made a lot of sense…

The first time you meet someone and ask their name it’s a test. When given a person’s name they have given you permission to think of them as an individual, as someone different from a random stranger. Their test is this – are they special enough to remember the next time you meet them. When you say someone’s name the next time you greet them you have told that person they were important enough to remember, they were special enough for you to take note of them. I can almost guarantee you have just made an acquaintance with the possibility of a more meaningful relationship in the future, whether it be business, friendship or relationship.

Ace those tests.

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