Born and raised in the service industry, the path to start my own business after years in management would prove a great challenge and one that provides me with a passion to teach and coach. Nantucket Bike Tours, founded in 2010, was born with the principle that if you treat your customers as friends they will be your biggest ally in building a business. With no marketing budget, we became the #1 “Thing to Do” according to Trip Advisor for 7 years running.

Under my leadership, our small team of guides developed unique principals that acted as the key to relationship building with our guests. Through this focused practice on relationship building, Nantucket Bike Tours became a thriving business and an outlet for me to teach leadership. Each year, our young guides embark on an intense journey taking them from ready to grow college students to holding advanced EQ knowledge. This knowledge is transferable to all future careers and relationships. It is the knowledge that I can share with you through my podcast, speaking engagements, and coaching.

As the bike tour company grew, I felt ready to take on my next business. This time a community focused coffee shop. On July 4th, 2014, with the support of my friends and family, the Handlebar Cafe opened. With little coffee knowledge, I began to push my theory of a People Economy. These ideas were captured in my 2017 TEDx Talk “Practicing Emotional Intelligence”. And with these principles of building relationships, I endeavored into the world of local politics. Less about party affiliations and more about genuine action, connections, and the people’s needs, I ran and joined the Nantucket Select Board in the spring of 2017.

Now running two small businesses and maintaining an active role as Select Board Member, I am able to test my principles of relationship building in different arenas. You can hear my adventures in all things business, leadership, fatherhood, mentorship, coffee making, and cycling on my podcast “Bridges to Leadership.”

I am not a classically trained businessman. I am not a professor of economics. I have not followed my 5-year plan. I believe that you must make mistakes and learn! I hope to share with you all I have learned through the work we do together.